Sanatan Audio Books

Sanatan Audio Books

Android Apps for Audiobooks

Android phone users can now listen to the following audiobooks on the go without having to download audio files. Apps have been developed for these audiobooks and are available on Google Play Store for free. DOWNLOAD TODAY!! 

The following Android apps -

01. Datta Mahatmya (Marathi)

02. Ramana Maharshi's 'Who Am I' (Eng,Hindi,Marathi)

03. Shiva Gita (Hindi)

04. Avadhuta Gita (English)

05. Guru Charitra (English)

06. Guru Gita (Sanskrit & Marathi)

07. Geetai - Vinoba Bhave (Marathi)

08. Pandava Gita (English & Hindi)

can be downloaded here -

09. Yoga Vasishtha (Hindi)

10. Viveka Chudamani (Hindi)

can be downloaded here -

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